Tavernier Blue Diamond Replica

The Tavernier Blue was the precursor diamond to the Blue Diamond of the French Crown, and subsequently, after a disappearance and reemergence into the public forum, it was renamed the Hope Diamond.

Much of the technical information concerning the Tavernier Blue was developed while researching the Hope diamond. Jean Baptiste Tavernier first saw the stone around 1668, and described it at the time as 112 3/16 carats (Tavernier, 1676). He fortunately provided the only known drawing of this stone so that it can be recreated. This process is covered in detail in the research page for the Hope Diamond.

One of the historical technical fictions about this stone relate that it is the size of a man`s fist. This is clearly not the case, as the replica is 32.89 x 27.65 x 12.92 mm as derived by GemCad modeling. For those unfamiliar with metric measurements, it is a little over an inch in length and width and half an inch deep If it were the size of a man`s fist, he would have had to reside in Oz. If you want to have it, please contact us now.

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