Heart Cut CZ

Heart Cutting Gemstones Machine Cut Synthetic Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones Wholesale

Heart shaped cubic zirconia are the most romantic of all the diamond shapes portraying the universal symbol of love. Due to their complex shape, they are also the hardest to cut. Make sure to look for a heart that is perfectly symmetrical on both sides with a length to width ratio of 1 or close to it. The heart cutting gemstones is the most romantic of synthetic gemstones, heart shaped stones are brilliant cuts with curved lobes that stem from a centered cleft. The lobes slope down to form a sharp point. A great way to distinguish your synthetic gemstones from other popular cuts and retain brilliance and fire in your stone, the Heart cut is popularly used in necklaces as well as promise rings and matching earrings. Traditionally, Heart cuts are not a popular cut for engagement and wedding rings, being usually given on less formal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. The preferred length to width ratio for Hearts is 1:1. Each piece heart stone is cut by machine and sifted quality by skilled and experienced QC. We provide standard good quality AAA heart cut CZ stones and the highest grade AAAAA cubic zirconia gemstones at best wholesale factory price. Our heart cutting synthetic gemstones are safe for wax casting, metal clay, Kiln and torch-fire. The CZ can resistance with high temperature of 650-750 Celsius. If you are looking for a good quality heart shaped synthetic stones on a modest budget, heart CZ diamond simulants is your excellent choice. There are a variety of hear-cutting for your choice as below, If you are looking into further information, please contact us any time.

heart cut gemstones

heart cut

Natural Bottom Heart Cut

heart natural cut

Deart Double Regular Cut Top

double crowns cut

Heart Double Diamond-cut Bottom

double pavillions cut

Double Checkerboard Heart Cut

double checkers cut

Heart Double Smooth Top

double smooth cut

Flat Bottom Heart Cut

flat back heart cut

Heart Checkerboard Cut

heart checker cut

Heart Flat Bottom Cabochon Top

heart cabochon cut

Heart Flat Bottom Checkerboard Top

flat checker cut

Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Size:

3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 mm 12x12mm

We provide heart cubic zirconia cutting with varies colors include white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow, lavender and garnet etc. If you are looking for heart cut cubic zirconia stones at bulk wholesale price, please contact us today !