Lab Blue Sapphire Rough

Lab Created Blue Sapphire Faceted Rough Raw Material Corundum Uncut Block

Blue sapphire is a well known and expensive gemstone, the world famous original blue sapphire from Sri Lanka(Ceylon). Since natural blue sapphire with most expensive prices from $100 to $10,000 per carat, many people would like to get a piece blue sapphire stone with beautiful blue color and very shine luster, so the cheap blue sapphire was created in Lab. Most people can pay for a piece lab created blue sapphire rings at affordable price. Lab created blue sapphire is man-made stone which 9.25 Moh's on hardness and just softer than diamond (10 Moh's sacle). We are not only provide loose blue sapphire stones but also sell created blue sapphire to people who love to cut blue sapphire in their mind directly. So if you are looking to get some synthetic blue sapphire boule rough material, please contact us to get more detail.

lab created blue sapphire rough
blue sapphire rough
lab created blue sapphire #34
lab created blue sapphire rough China
synthetic blue sapphire rough wholesale price

Material: Synthetic corudnum rough or lab blue sapphire rough boule

Shape: Uncut facted

Quality: AAA

Color: Blue

Delivery time: 1-2 days

Please contact us to get a price quote of lab created blue sapphire rough.