Lab Ruby Rough

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Ruby is one of popular and hot sale gemstones, as natural ruby is very expensive and high quality ruby is rare, and we can process lab grown ruby at much affordable price. Lab created ruby are also known as synthetic ruby. Flame fusion lab ruby is flawless and have same chamecial as mineral ruby on the earth. Are you looking for cheap wholesale price of lab ruby rough? please contact us !

lab created ruby corundum rough

lab ruby #5 rough

China ruby #5 Rough
Lab ruby #5 Chinese manufacturers

ruby #5

Lab Created Ruby 1.25 Rough
Lab Created Ruby 3 Pink Rough
Lab Created Ruby 8 Dark Garnet Rough

Material: lab created ruby corundum

Color: #1.25(light pink red) #3(pink red) #5(ruby red) #8(dark ruby)

Quality: AAA


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kilogram

Do you have any question or request quote of lab created ruby rough? please contact us today!

synthetic ruby rough China manufacturer factory