Radiant Cut CZ

The radiant cut gemstone is a relatively new entry into the world of gemstone shapes. It was developed in the late 1970’s and became an instant success. Many gemstone shapes and facet arrangements have come onto the scene with great fanfare only to quickly disappear as a temporary fad. But the radiant cut made a solid place for itself by combining the linear outline of the emerald cut with a facet arrangement that delivers more sparkle and a distinctive overall visual appeal. The radiant cut can be generally thought of as a hybrid shape- a cross between an emerald cut and a round brilliant. It shares an identical shape outline with the emerald cut featuring a square or rectangular overall shape, with corners that are clipped straight so that the outline is a straight lined octagon. But whereas the emerald cut features a facet arrangement of horizontal ‘step’ facets, the radiant has a mixture of horizontal and vertical facets that give it a completely different visual appearance.

radiant cut crown gemstones
China Cubic Zirconia radiant cut gemstones
radiant cut pavilion gemstones

As with any gemstones, the light performance produced by the cut is the essence of what creates its special beauty – brilliance, fire and sparkle. The challenging thing about radiant cuts for the non-expert is assessing light performance. Radiant cut is one of popular cutting for gemstones, just choose whatever you love !

China radiant cut white cubic zirconia
radiant cut diamond cubic zirconia stones

radiant cut cubic zirconia

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Ice Crushed Cut- New Modified Radiant Cut

Because the radiant cut features mixed faceting some areas of the diamond will return direct flash while others tend to return a more subtle twinkle effect often likened to ‘crushed ice’. To many shoppers, the crushed ice look is very appealing. Many cushion cuts also produce this flavor of light performance.The physical facets of a crushed ice cut create many secondary reflections which bounce around internally resulting in a great number of small ‘virtual’ facets. In some cases they are small but distinct, with enough contrast to create a mesmerizing twinkling effect. So we make new cut- Crushed Ice Cut which a modified radiant cut with heavy carat weight and height thickness than regular cuts.

White Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona-Stone


Teal Green Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona-Stone

teal green

Medium Pink Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona

medium pink

Apple Green Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona-Stone

apple green

Canary Yellow Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona

canary yellow

Light Pink Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ

light pink

Orange Red Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona-Stone

Chinese red

Fancy Blue Crushed-Ice-Cutting-CZ-8x10mm-Radiant-Cut-Cubic-Zircona-Stone

fancy blue

Size: 3x5 4x6 5x7 6x8 8x10 10x12

Quality: AAAAA

Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

Color: Clear White, Light Pink, Chinese Red, Canary Yellow, Medium Pink, Fancy Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Ice Blue