Synthetic Rough

Rough Cubic Zirconia Raw Material Uncut CZ Stones Great Quality at Low Affordable Wholesale Prices With Immediate Delivery Service direct from the Largest Manufacturer

We provide all kinds of man made uncut facet gemstones with high quality , there are many colorless and colors uncut rough cubic zirconia for sale in our factory, due to cubic zirconia is diamond alternative and Various colors are produced, but for the great majority of CZ is sold in its colorless form as a diamond simulants. Uncut cubic zirconia rough colors include white(colorless), garnet red, pink, amethyst purple, lavender, black, peridot olive, golden yellow, violet, apple green, champagne, aqua blue, tanzanite, canary yellow, blue, emerald green, orange Padperadscha, coffee brown chocolate, rose red, swiss blue and more. Man-made zirconium oxide crystal is 8.5 Mohs's scale for hardness, density is 5.65 – 5.95, refractive index is 2.088 – 2.176, dispersion is 0.058 – 0.066, heat resistance is 650°C - 750°C. You can buy great quality uncut facet cubic zirconia rough at wholesale price directly from factory and fast delivery time within 24h.

We produce 5000KG each color monthly and meet customers' demand. All our raw material cz are flawless and durable. All the stone you received are lead free and Cadmium free and Phthalates content not detected than 0.1%. The following pictures for rough cubic zirconia stones as your reference. Please note know that all of the CZ that we sell is sawn and not broken (Image may look different (color) due to many monitor or device resolutions.)

white cubic zirconia rough

white cz

pink cz rough

pink cz

orange color cz rough

orange red cz

golden yellow cz rough

golden yellow cz

lavender cubic zirconia rough

lavender cz rough

apple green cz rough wholesale

apple green cz rough

canary yellow cubic zirconia rough

canary yellow cz rough

champagne cubic zirconia rough

champagne cz rough

emerald green cz rough

green cz rough

garnet cz rough China

garnet cz rough

faint yellow cubic zirconia rough

faint yellow czrough

paraiba cz rough

paraiba cz rough

lab blue sapphire rough #34

blue sapphire #34 rough

ruby #8 rough

ruby #8 rough

lab created alexandrite rough

lab created alexandrite rough

pulled blue sapphire rough

pulled blue sapphire rough

We provide great quality uncut cubic zirconia rough raw material to customers around the world and fast delivery, minimum order quantity 1 kg(kilogram). Are you looking for uncut cubic zirconia facet rough ? Get Free Price Today!